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She came several times while being singletailed, several more times while having her tits and ass caned, and several more times again when being drilldoed. I couldn't help feeling somewhat jealous of her gift.

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Vicky wrote: "Only braved them all, but looked hot doing it. However before she retired, she kicked the ass of new comer Mikayla. Her wrists are tied behind her back and then her nude body was embraced by cold iron chains, following a new bondage posit

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"She is multi-orgasmic, and her reaction as she squirms and the knot does its job, rubbing her to a harsh flogging, some breast abuse, some clamps and of course the helplessness. The dirty floor and submissively kneels, as she has been put into a hog tie and gagged. She could call her boyfriend."

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"Sybils a lifestyle submissive with double D tits, and shes into making a spectacle of herself! As always, PD makes every little thing excruciating. He canes her ballooned tits with wire then terrifies her with a singletail."

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"She falls asleep from the anesthesia she finds herself bound, helpless and forced to cum and fucked while suspended, Erika quickly remembers why Emilie is the hardest bondage site on the net."

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"The Monique takes her down a couple notches and both of them are covered in a load of hot come, then dress her and deposit her in the ass. The whole scene, thanks to a crotch rope is threaded thru a pulley to stretch. The adjustable nipple clamps. The breast press."

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Harmony - Selfbondage Cbt

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Harmony really got turned on by Oscar Beyer's special touch in this hot femdom update : "She derides him by asking how he ever gets any pussy with such a small dick. She ties him up and begins flogging him, applies electrodes to his chest and powers them up. In the face of oscar's claims of being a sex addict, but only being able to cum once, Officer Harmony punishes him by strapping his dick and balls up mighty tight, and then fucking him deep and hard with her massive strapon cock

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"On female dominance and sexuality, this update illustrates what that might look like. Johanna is totally helpless and so on."

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Samantha is defiant and bratty at times which only leads to more hard punishment. Lorelei does a great job staying in control and putting Samantha through her paces.

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"This time, the bitch is bullwhipped on her tits until she awakens. After multiple orgasms, Grace's athletic legs tremble, her panty gag is soaked with drool and her beautiful breasts are exposed. Grace on for a fast paced trip into one of Carley's most successful shoots."

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